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VeriPrint System

A moment before we explain what is the nature of our service, think about the old, familiar and wise saying: "One picture is worth a 1,000 words". Now, think that in every sign in the shop you can place the product image, add to that color, branding and size selecting, multiply this sign by several hundred signs in every store and now ... Think everything is done completely automatically! This is our VeriPrint system. Its goal is to allow every store ... more


The most important thing to know is: since 2002 we provide the highest level of service to our customers. Second most important thing is - even though we are a "high-tech company" that provides software services and although our products are "technological" in nature - we are first and foremost a service company! And as such, we always provide the best, reliable service to our customers. Some more important points ...
... more

Other Products
VeriPrice  - Internet based, internal ordering system for "not for sale" of items... more

VeriImage  - Internet based system for managing images and promotional materials... more

VeriTour  - the most cost-effective way to distribute and present high quality hotel pictures and multilingual content in websites around the globe. ... more

VeriHotel - Distribution and management of Travel advertising content ... more




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