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VeriPrice system - an online system for internal ordering of non saleable items
What is VeriPrice


Why do we need an internal ordering system in the first place? (For internal "non saleable items" such as tools, equipment, office supplies,
display equipment, etc.)?

  • Think for a moment - how do you order such items in your chain? By phone? Fax? Emails? Directly from different suppliers?

  • How do you control all orders (and in real time)?

  • Where is the inventory?

  • Who approved what?

  • When will the order be supplied?

Yes, yes - we are familiar with the terrible mess around internal ordering, so we created VeriPrice !
From now on, each branch can order internally, by using an online catalog with pictures of the items.
Ordering is done online, each item is being routed for approval or directly to the branch.
Each one within the supply chain can log in and view the order status - what was approved for delivery, the quantity approved, the date of supply.
Actually by using our VeriPrice system (which is also a SaaS model system), our clients have all the advantages of ordering system but without the headache of the instalations, system maintenance, upgrades etc.

So how does it work?

  • Step one – characterization. We meet with the customer's logistics personnel, as many meetings as necessary

  • Step Two – Setup. In full cooperation with the client, we set up the catalog.

  • Step three – training, we make sure that the users get appropriate training according to their needs and nature of use of the system.

  • Step four – Order. When all along the route, we provide support, additional training and assistance.

Want to hear more about the product or want a demo with no obligation? 972-9-7438513   info@veriset.com




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