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What is VeriPrint system

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A moment before we explain what is the nature of our service, think about the old, familiar and wise saying: "One picture is worth a 1,000 words".

Now, think that in every sign in the shop you can place the product image, add to that color, branding and size selecting, multiply this sign by several hundred signs in every store and now ...

Think everything is done completely automatically! This is our
VeriPrint  system. Its goal is to allow each store, to produce a completely professional level signage, in large or small quantities (even a single sign), of different sizes (A3, A4, A5, A6 and any other size), without any prior knowledge and in amazing quality, directly in the point of sale local printer, or order it from our printing service and have it delivered to you shortly after.

More thorough explanation:
Each store should have signage of various types - on the shelf for each product, in isles indicating special deals, signs on the walls, etc., Any sign is of course in different size and different shape. The purpose of these signs is the same - to sell! If we insert to these signs, beside the basic product details, some color, it improves the shopping experience and increases sales. But if we add the products pictures to the signs, it makes it perfect! It has all in one: Relevant products details (including those required by law), products pictures and beautiful branded colors.

The benefits of a sign bearing product picture:
Shopping Experience - When products pictures are presented in the sign, the buyer's shopping experience is intensified and increased. This is translated to INCREASED BUYING!
Products pictures -
sign with attractive images, sticks out of the shelf and tempts the buyer = INCREASED BUYING!
Immediate identification of the product - Immediate detection of the product on the shelf, based on the identifying products pictures on the sign = INCREASED BUYING!
The decision to buy -
the buyer's decision on taking the product off the shelf becomes rapid = INCREASED BUYING!
Everything is clear - no misunderstandings, no products are left by the cashier = INCREASED BUYING!
Saving in working hours and preventing errors -
Shelf organizers put the signs precisely in the right place without errors = INCREASED BUYING!

The system benefits:
Savings - proven expenses savings from day one! This system is not an investment paid in months / years. By the end of the first month of using
VeriPrint, our customers have more money in their pockets.
Savings - No need to invest in purchasing software or licenses - SaaS model (Software as a Service) lets you do all in our servers over the Internet. Customer's side needs only a computer connected to the Internet.
Savings - No need to purchase expensive – end user equipment. If you do not wish to buy printers, our system allows you to send the signs for print to external print shop and get them by courier shortly after.

Savings - No need to order preprinted paper in advance. It allows branding to be consistent and yet often changed. No more dependence on external factors causing expensive delays.


The most important thing to know is: since 2002 we provide the highest level of service to our customers. Second most important thing is - even though we are a "high-tech company" that provides software services and although our products are "technological" in nature - we are first and foremost a service company! And as such, we always provide the best, reliable service to our customers.

How does it work?
VeriPrint  system is a "next generation" system, in terms of production of signage and printed materials.
With our system you can produce - meaning prepare and print - all types of signs you need in the store and attach to them (automatically) the pictures of the products.
Basically - whatever it takes to work with the system is a computer connected to the Internet, choose what you want to print, quantity and size, using a convenient and friendly interface, and voila! The signs can be printed in the shop or get to you by courier from the print shop shortly after.
 In details - our customers supported by us, predefined templates to make their various signs. Deals and any other relevant data are put into the system or file (e.g. Excel), information is distributed to stores, by the authorized person, the employee in charge of preparing the signs in every store logs into VeriSet system by the Internet and chooses the signs to print - which sizes and how many.
All that remains is to print the signs on the printer in the store or click the "print in a print shop" and get all the signs by courier soon!

Want to hear more about the product or want a demo with no obligation? 972-9-7438513   info@veriset.com


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