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What is VeriImage
  • How long does it take you to produce an ad / chain newspaper?

  • How many times have you been looking for a picture that you knew you've got somewere?

  • How many times you "chaliced" a picture to meet an advertizing deadline?

  • Does your advertising agency hold all (!) your advertising materials? (What happens if you leave them?)

  • Do you really have control on your promotional materials?

Meet VeriImage system - an online promotional materials and images management system. Shorten the chain newspaper production to days instead of weeks, production of your ad to minutes instead of days, and locating relevant materials to seconds instead of minutes!

VeriImage system is also a SaaS model - no installations at the client side!

The system has a very sophisticated search engine, that allows you immediate and accurate retrieving of your material and download them to your computer or send to another destination.

How does VeriImage  work?

  • The first step is setup - In full cooperation with the customer, we build the basis for the storage – receive all relevant materials, create all needed formats, and attach all accompanying information (name, bar code, manufacturer, distributor, department, components, size / weight, etc.) according to the client's needs.

  • The second step is training - we give the users frontal training (short tutorial - less than an hour) according to their access levels and needs from the system (and of course provide written manuals too).

  • Third and final stage - Start working with the system, while all along the route we provide support, additional training, and assistance.

    *Any user can connect to the system, from anywhere, at anytime and download / send the necessary materials.
    We provide our clients with a customized set of tools.

System Advantages:
- Unlimited distribution - a fixed monthly retainer payment, without charge for specific downloads
 - Speed - get all materials immediately, ready to use
- Safety - the security system allows the owner of the information to define permit levels for use of the storage.
- Categories Management - media materials organized and cataloged according to the customer's hierarchy structure, allowing rapid and efficient
detection of the materials.
- Distribution of multiple materials in a simple way - Select materials and send them by link to "shopping basket".
- High resolution - media materials can be downloaded and sent in print quality.
- Minimal traffic - customer needs a one-time transfer of one set of materials in high quality, to the storage
- Uniformity - all the ads and publications are created from the same set of materials.
- Accessibility - digital database is accessible from anywhere in the world.
- A visual system - you can see the material before downloading and sending them.
- Costs Reduction - our customers dramatically reduce their distribution costs, saving hours of work and avoiding costly mistakes!

Want to hear more about the product or want a demo with no obligation? 972-9-7438513  info@veriset.com


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